What should I do before you arrive?

There are a few steps you can take which are helpful and will help protect you and your family. This includes putting away food, utensils, dishes, toothbrushes, towels, pet food bowls, pet water bowls, and more. We’ll be able to give you more specific advice when you call us.

Will I have to leave the house?

If we are treating the inside of your house, you will usually need to stay away for four hours. If we are treating the outside, you can usually stay but you will need to remain indoors.

What should I do when I come back to the house?

We will give you comprehensive advice before any treatment is completed, but you will need to do things once you come home. Examples include opening all your doors and windows. If you wish you can wipe down food preparation services however there really is no need as your surfaces will all be safe to use.

Are the treatments you use harmful to the environment?

We use the best pest management materials and products on the market, plus non-chemical methods of pest management are available.

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