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At The Pest Man, we offer the control and management services you need if you have pests that are causing a nuisance, a health hazard, or both. We use the latest techniques, materials, and equipment, plus we’ll deal with your pest problem fast.

The Pest Man is based in Kapiti and we are perfectly positioned to offer our pest control services in Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Palmerston North, and the surrounding region. When you contact us, we’ll give you advice on what you can do until we get there. We’ll then get to your property as quickly as possible to effectively deal with the pests.

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Pest Control Services


Residential Pest Control

Don't put up with pests in your home a minute longer than you need to – contact us today to get the help you need.


Commercial Pest Control

We offer pest control services to all types of business, particularly those that sell or process food.

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    What Our Customers Say


    For residential or commercial pest control services, contact us if you are in Wellington, Porirua, Levin, Kapiti, or Palmerston North. We offer fast and effective results as well as expert advice and competitive prices.

    If you are not sure of the type of pest you have please contact us we’ll help to identify it and advise you from there.

    The pest management and control services we offer in Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, and Palmerston North involve getting into all the locations of your home or business that you don’t normally see. Our goal is always to find the source of the pest issue and then develop a solution from there.

    Plus, if we notice anything in your floors or ceilings that needs your attention in terms of maintenance we’ll let you know.

    Ant Control Wellington wide including Kapiti and north into Manawatu

    The starting point is a phone call to book a callout with one of our pest management experts. We’ll be able to give you advice on what you should do until we get there.

    Once at your property, we’ll fully assess the issue and will discuss the options available for dealing with the pest.

    Once an approach is agreed on, we’ll complete all the work dealing with your pest problem once and for all.

    Pest Management in Wellington, Manawatu, and the Surrounding Area

    We use a range of different pest control and management processes when delivering our services in the Wellington, Kapiti, Levin, Palmerston North, and Porirua areas. The approach we take depends on the pest we are dealing with, the extent of the problem, where the pest is located, and a range of other factors.

    When you contact us for pest management, whether you are in Wellington, Levin, or anywhere else in the local area, we’ll give you expert advice. Once you book our services, that advice and information will include details on how we will deal with your pest problem, so you know exactly what is happening and what to expect.

    Please find details below of some of the common pests we deal with in both homes and businesses. If you want to book pest control services and you are in Wellington, Kapiti, Levin, Palmerston North, Porirua, or the surrounding area, get in touch.

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    Are borers damaging your home, or have you seen indications they are present and want to prevent them from doing so? Borers, or wood-boring beetles, can cause significant damage to wood, so they should be dealt with quickly and decisively.

    White Tail Spiders

    White tail spiders leave a nasty bite, so it’s no surprise many of our customers want to make sure their homes are protected. At The Pest Man, we have treatments that will deal with white tail spiders in your home quickly and effectively.


    Bees are essential in nature, and they rarely cause problems, but their presence can lead to annoyance if they are on your property or causing disruption to your business. Working with local beekeepers, we’ll carefully and respectfully remove the bee nest to let you get back to normal.


    Unlike bees, wasps can be aggressive, so dealing with a new nest quickly is usually recommended. We use a range of modern and highly effective methods to remove wasp nests, plus we can take steps and give you advice to help prevent wasps from returning.


    Fleas love cosy, warm houses, but their human housemates rarely enjoy their company. At The Pest Man, we can treat your home to get rid of fleas, and we will help you prevent them from returning.


    As well as being an annoyance, flies also present a health risk to you and your family. They can cause disruption to your business too. When you contact us, we’ll help you deal with the problem you are having with flies.


    We don’t just treat white tail spider problems, as we can deal with any spiders you have in your home or business. Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help.


    Have cockroaches taken up residence in the cracks and crevices of your building? We have a range of methods at our disposal, depending on the type of cockroach, to get rid of this potential health risk and general annoyance.

    Mice and Rats

    Mice and rats are common in the local area, but they are never pleasant when they invade your home or business. We’ll assess the situation, and we will then implement the best strategy to deal with your mice or rate problem.


    If you have ants that are causing an annoyance in your home or business, get in touch with us at The Pest Man to deal with the problem.